Tamalpais Media creates work in a wide variety of digital media.

We have helped to create dozens of web sites and hundreds of videos. We produce everything from educational videos to HTML email to television spots. Please contact us to see a copy of our reel.

Below are a few of the HTML emails that we have worked on.

Your customers know best, and they want Alaska.

Make the Most of Alaska Salmon Season With Fresh Promotions

FACT: Consumers continue to choose salmon as their #1 finfish,1 and wild Alaska salmon is by far the top salmon choice among consumers—53% prefer Alaska salmon over every other kind of salmon combined!2

ACT: Alaska Seafood is here to help you boost your fresh wild Alaska salmon sales!
Download recipes, photos, and videos at alaskaseafood.creatorselect.com and boost sales with the power of Alaska Seafood today.

For more information or free in-store merchandising materials, contact Mark Jones
toll free at 855-288-8841 or mjones@alaskaseafood.org
1. Nielsen Perishables Group for Seafood Business, May 2013 2. Illuminate Market Research 2011

Alaska is 100% committed to sustainability.
Grilled Alaska salmon.

Groove: Adapt or die

Dear %%FIRST%%,

Adapt or die. That’s the way we saw it last year when Groove decided to shed our technology and health care clients to focus solely on lifestyle brands in alcohol beverage and industries where alcohol is served. We retrenched our talent, clients, platforms and business promises, and optimized our “through the line” digital products and services offerings for this complex three-tier (now four-tier) industry.

Our digital channels have been updated to reflect this transformation – and we hope you’ll check them out. They include a hip responsive-design website with compelling digital success stories, a witty blog that connects the dots for relevant 21st century digital engagement, and community pages on LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook that were inspired by you and ignited by us.

Groove is focused like a laser on helping clients transform their brands for the digital economy. Traditional three-tier marketing will not survive. Brands need a fully integrated digital platform that articulates “your unique reason to be,” tailored for highly targeted tribes, offering rich, authentic and meaningful storytelling that is delivered anytime, anywhere, on any device. That’s digital transformation. That’s what we do for our wine, beer and spirits clients.

That’s what we’d like to do for you. www.sfgroove.com


Groove: Adapt or die
Groove: Adapt or die

About Groove
Based in Sausalito, California and Norwalk, Connecticut, Groove is an award-winning digital and social marketing agency focused on alcohol beverage and industries where alcohol is served. We are also the developer of Wingman 2.0, an industry-leading digital sales book. Clients include Diageo, Treasury Wine Estates, Independent Distillers, Kettle Chips, Zagat, Napa Valley Vintners Association and Southern Wine and Spirits.

Groove: Adapt or die
Groove: Adapt or die Facebook Groove: Adapt or die
Groove: Adapt or die

Turkey menu creations

Golden Grill
Golden Grill Golden Grill
Golden Grill
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Golden Grill
Golden Grill Golden Grill Golden Grill

80% of consumers are more likely to purchase when they see the Alaska Seafood logo